Staff Nurse

What is?

Staff nurse is a Band 5 nurse, an experienced nurse less senior than a sister or charge nurse.

What do you do as a staff nurse?

• Recording patients’ medical histories
• Teaching patients how to handle their illness or injuries at home
• Administering medicine and treatments to patients
• Consulting with doctors and other health care professionals.


How many years does it take to become a staff nurse?

It takes three years for a nurse to earn a nursing degree.

How can I be a staff nurse?

First of all you need to earn your nursing degree in one of the following specialisms: Adult, Children, Mental health and Learning Disability. In addition, nurses could also take their education to a postgraduate level and study for an MSN or even a PHD or DNP degree.


How much does a staff nurse make a year?

The median annual salary of a registered staff nurse is £23,453. Depending on the experience a registered nurse earns an annual salary of £19,525 – £32,170.

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