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Our Mission
Belmont Recruitment was formed to serve the Health and Social Care sectors; bringing together talented recruiters in their respective areas to best serve both public and private sector clients. As the recruitment industry evolves, it is important to develop with it - Belmont Recruitment is committed to staying flexible and compliant with ever changing requirements.

Our vision
Our vision is to provide a stable future for the Healthcare and Social Care sectors. We believe in people and how they can prosper in the right working environment. By providing an intelligent and personal approach to recruitment we find that we can align interests forming a positive and retained relationship between employer and employee.

Our Values
Accountability & Transparency – We embrace our responsibility to you as an agency and offer a clear process at all times.

Empowerment – We believe that we get better results working together, encouraging critical thinking; we accept that there are many ways to achieve an outcome.

Efficiency – We understand efficiency is over-used and under-sold but it is none the less relevant. To add true value, it is important that we are constantly making positive steps.