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Excel Search was founded to serve a social care industry confronting desperately tough conditions to recruit in, facing quickly diminishing talent pools, shrinking funding availability and suffocating regulatory scrutiny.

Speaking to our clients we hear the same issues bemoaned of the competition week in week out; slow, unaccountable service, high cancelation rate, poor attrition among starters and convoluted fee structures.

Your partner-led teams is fully accountable for the service to you as a client. You'll enjoy a single point of contact, a company partner, taking a full, detailed brief, updating you throughout our unique attraction, assessment and referencing processes.

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When you engage with us as a job seeker, you quickly realise that unlike other agencies, we've got no agenda. We engage with a small, trusted group of clients with whom we share a philsophy of ethical recruitment. We also charge our clients on a flat fee structure across the board. What this means is that we're not incentivised to talk you into meeting our most profitable clients or chase the easy placement.

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