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ILS was founded as Independent Living Solutions Ltd in 1992. Founded by Elaine Gipson, we began in a small office in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

An Occupational Therapist, Elaine’s background focused predominantly around her expert witness work. When several adult and later, paediatric client cases were referred to her for case management, she hired Karenmarie, another occupational therapist and now director, and widened her search for case managers to support her clients. At a time when case management was still in its infancy, Elaine’s aim was to establish a very experienced group of case managers, from a wide range of clinical backgrounds, who were able to coordinate the very best comprehensive package of care and rehabilitation for people whose lives had been changed by injury.


ILS offers a range of career opportunities, from working as a Case Manager, as a therapist for Rehabilitation Solutions, or working for one of our clients as a carer or support worker.

As an employer, ILS has earned a reputation for being a company that people are proud to work for. We value our people and the skills, expertise, experience and qualities that they bring. We have a very stable workforce and people tend to stay with us for a long time; more than half of our staff have been with us for more than 5 years.

We believe in developing people as individuals and if you join us, you’ll be offered first-class opportunities to learn, progress and develop your skills. We encourage people to engage with the development of the business and ensure they feel part of our success.

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